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a brief chronology

  • 1975:
    druckpartner is founded as book and offset printer on June 12th in Essen by Karl-Heinz Böke, Winfried Funke and Günter Kirsten
  • 1977:
    The company changes premises, enlarging the operating space from 400 to 2,000 sq metres.
  • 1988:
    The druckpartner staff has grown to 50. We decide to move the business to a new site of its own in Essen-Kray. A four-colour and a five-colour offset press are acquired.
  • 1991:
    A new production hall is attached.
  • 1996:
    After further building projects druckpartner has now over 4,000 sq m production and 1,000 sq m office space.
  • 1998:
    Our first Heidelberg eight-colour offset press starts production.
  • 2000:
    In druckpartners 25th-anniversary year we employ 100 staff. We invest into yet another Heidelberg eight-colour offset press and switch image setting to CTP. Construction of a 4,000 sq m warehouse is completed.
  • 2004:
    druckpartner enters into catalogue production and automated typesetting from databases.
  • 2008:
    Our new Heidelberg XL 105-8-P press with Inpress Control, providing on-the-fly colour measurement and control, starts production.
  • sept 2008:
    The new digital printing press HP Indigo 5500 starts production; it gives printing results hard to tell from offset print.
  • oct 2008:
    new Heidelberg saddle stitcher Stitchmaster ST 450 starts production.
  • nov 2008:
    The new AGFA AVALON N8-50 CTP platesetter is being installed and starts production.
  • nvo 2009:
    Our new POLAR 115 XT cutting machine starts production.
  • may 2010:
    Our BOBST Commercial 106 die-cutter starts production, providing die-cutting, creasing, embossing and perforating in one go.
  • dec 2010:
    Our new Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 5L press with 75 x 105 cm (27.55 x 41.34 in) sheet size starts production.
  • aug 2012:
    Our Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 2, folding machine of the new generation, is being installed.
  • oct 2013:
    Construction of the new production hall.


basic principles for customer contentment

A business with a vast array of services has to be managed differently from a small printer with just two or three machines. Naturally we put much energy into modern management, good organization and coordination for keeping internal workflows optimized. However, in our opinion its our keeping to simple, down-to-earth principles what helps us guarantee flawless processing results:

Contact your customers personally
No matter whether first commission or periodic print - for us it's always important to discuss all steps and requirements. Only the dialogue guarantees mutual understanding; the personal exchange of ideas reveals crucial details, which alone allow reliable advice.

See every job as important
Any print job is given our undivided attention. As to our ambition and dedication, we don't make any difference between the 'small' fancy job and the big one with millions of copies.

Stay open to innovation
Our trade is ever changing. To translate this into active business policy is what sets us apart from other printers even today. And not least it's our highly motivated staff who, with a healthy portion of curiosity, turn these innovations into tangible, exciting printing results.


Above all, the name druckpartner stands for high-quality prints. The success of creative ideas much depends on professional realization, in prepress as well as in press and post press. Latest technology and full-scale service make for perfect results.

typesetting, cross-media, database set-up, scanning, image processing/retouching, imposing, CTP

data editing, database management, conversion, interface technology, formatting, data backup

print house:
business reports, brochures, posters, catalogues, magazines, flyers

post press:
bindery (including wire and comb binding), creasing, perforating, die-cutting, eyeleting, rounding corners, quadruple hole punching, exclusive coating and surface processing

data retrieval from Excel, dBase, ASCII; postage optimizing, addressing, enveloping and packaging; postal delivery in bulk postage categories such as Infopost, Infobrief, Pressepost etc.

awards + accolades


about big names and 'secret' leaders

Discerning customers are not only distinguishable by famous brands. In many sectors there are businesses that are highly successful all over the world with top products or services yet only known to insiders. Whether famous or not, however, all have in common that for presenting their products or services in print, for business reports, catalogues and brochures they demand highest quality and reliability.
We are proud to be able to work for many renowned enterprises and agencies in long-lasting partnership:

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qality + environment

take our word for it

Setting ourselves high standards and keeping always open to innovation is what makes us special. Our goals are definite and intelligible - and so are our results. This is achieved by adopting reasonable standards established by independent organizations, and by testing and certifying our business accordingly. This includes quality assurance and improvement measures as well as sensible, eco-friendly handling of natural resources. Numerous prizes are proof that we are successful complying with our own high quality standards.

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FSC certificate

environmentally responsible paper procurement (part I)

Paper quality is an everyday topic when communicating with our customers. As a bulk buyer from the paper industry, however, we also take responsibility for eco-friendly procurement of this essential resource. Therefore we had our business certified after Forest Stewardship Council standards.

The FSC was founded in 1993 as international non-profit organization. It aims at the equal consideration of social, ecological and economic aspects of exploiting natural resources. There were stated ample requirements at the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Numerous environmental organizations (WWF, Greenpeace, Robin Wood, NABU), unions (IG Bau, IG Metall) and business enterprises support the FSC.

One example of their success: worldwide over 100 million ha forest have been FSC-certified so far, preventing reckless lumbering and slash-and-burn clearing to be done there. FSC-certified businesses and their partners guarantee an eco-friendly procurement and sustainable use of natural resources.

2013 FSC certificate for download

Basics, guidelines, explanation of topics

This concise overview outlines the differences between FSC and PEFC.

Download as PDF

10 good reasons for FSC certification

Download as PDF (source: FSC Working Group Germany in Freiburg)

PEFC certificate

Environmentally responsible paper procurement (part II)

Covering more than 200 million ha forest, PEFC is worlds most significant forest management certificate, which aims at expansively establishing a sustainable forest management, thus saving sylvan eco-systems for future generations.

Since the foundation of PEFC Germany in 1999 more than 7 million ha comprising a good two-thirds of the German forest area have been certified. The most essential standards are: promotion of mixed population of native tree species, ban on clear-cutting and avoidance of pesticides. Independent certification societies monitor the adherence to these standards on a regular basis. PEFC-certified businesses show their environmental engagement and their taking responsibility in handling wood as an indispensable resource and material. druckpartner is one of them.

2013 PEFC certificate for download

the "process Standard Offset" (PSO)

PSO is a standard for the industrial production of printed matter. It has been established by German print and media industry associations in collaboration with the Fogra and Ugra research institutes. Working in accordance with PSO makes for quality assurance over the entire production line: from data procurement to the finished product. This involves all available means of monitoring the appropriate use of resources as well as quality, naturally including spectral and densitometric analyses. Hence quality becomes measurable, collatable and intelligible.

Active environmental protection at druckpartner

There will be no way to completely avoid solvents and chemicals in industrial printing - yet to reduce their use is a reasonable measure in favor of both working staffs health and the environment. On request we also produce climate neutral. Further information on

Some examples:

We have been searching early for options to reduce consumption of solvent-containing cleaners. Today our machines are cleaned 90% on soya oil basis - solvent-free. Since 2005 we have been recycling our detergents in our own plant, thus reducing consumption of fresh detergents by almost 40%. The dampening solutions we utilize are alcohol reduced. Ink cans from metal are only rarely used now at druckpartner; they have been replaced with a modern cartridge system. Inks are obtained in bulk packages for central ink supply to all machines, thus also reducing waste.

Active environmental protection at druckpartner

Bei den meisten Unternehmen standen Energieeinsparungen im Vordergrund. Die unterschiedlichsten Maßnahmen wurden ergriffen. Die Projektteilnehmer von ÖKOPROFIT ziehen durchweg eine positive Bilanz. Sie stellten fest, dass eine Sensibilisierung für einen besseren Umgang mit Energie und Umwelt aller Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter im Betrieb ganz entscheidend dazu beiträgt, die Umwelt und das Klima zu entlasten und gleichzeitig die Betriebskosten zu senken.

Die Stadt Essen hat unter Federführung des Umweltamtes das Projekt gemeinsam mit der Essener Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH, der Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Essen, der Kreishandwerkerschaft und der Effizienz-Agentur NRW sowie mit dem Beratungsunternehmen B.A.U.M-Consult durchgeführt. Finanziell wurde das Projekt vom Umweltministerium NRW (Ministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Landwirtschaft, Natur- und Verbraucherschutz / MKULNV) unterstützt.

Ansprechpartnerin für Rückfragen zum Projekt ÖKOPROFIT ist
Erika Heckmann beim Umweltamt der Stadt Essen
Tel.: 0201-88 59 218


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